At this point in my career I am the dreaded agency nurse. I go pretty much where ever with little notice, am mostly treated like a leper by most staff nurses, and apparently no longer have a name but am simply referred to as “the agency nurse”. DespiteĀ all of that I still do my very best to go above and beyond for my patients since I know it could impact your HCAHPS. That being said, I would like the public to know that we are all rigorously trained professionals that have taken oath to care for those in need not overpaid waitresses and punching bags. I remember working a few weeks ago and thinking I have 80g in student loans, am awaiting conferral of my MSN, and 12 years experience and was heating up my 4th TV dinner for an ever unsatisfied and ungrateful patient. And that burned my ass a bit really.

- MD September 22, 2015