Cardiac Nurse here. I would like the general public to be aware that we are here to improve health, heal wounds, care for you in your time of need. We nurses do many things and are many things to many people. We are tolerant and understanding of scared┬áloved ones and patients. I want the general public to know that we don’t get paid by your insurance or lack thereof. And while the small comforts of things like ice water or an extra blanket are certainly not outside of our realm of practice, waiting 30 minutes for it is not unreasonable. During that 30 minutes, I could be saving a life or soothing the pain of a life I could not save. Either way, your comforts are not the most important for us all the time. It’s sort of like asking the guy who custom built your engine for your dream car to pump your gas.

- MC September 22, 2015