We need to educate the public about EVERYTHING our job entails. They truly don’t understand… I’m an ICU nurse… I do much more than wipe butts and feed patients… I assess my patients ALL shift, I critically think, I educate patients, family, and doctors, I deal with all the complaints and the verbal abuse, I sympathize and hold my patients hands, I clean them and feed them and turn them, I protect them from pressure ulcers, skin breakdown, and infections from invasive lines, I advocate for them, I’m the patients voice when they can’t speak, I titrate medications and look for even the smallest changes in their status so I can hopefully save their life, I’m the code blue team and the medical response team when patients decompensate on the floors, I document every hour the patients intake, output, drips, etc, I run CRRT on the sickest of patients, I walk family members into the room and softly explain everything in the room to decrease their stress just a little, I draw blood and monitor labs, I am a team mate with the rest of the healthcare professionals needed to care for patients… I’m a nurse. WE are nurses and WE do all these things and this is still not close to our ENTIRE job description.

- AC September 22, 2015