RN/ADON/RAC-CT in long term care. I wish people would realize that just because we work in long term care doesn’t mean we are less of a nurse. I have personally experienced more times then I care to count when I tell people what I do they always say‚Ķ oh so do you plan on trying to get into a hospital job? They act like being a long term care nurse is easy and a waste of a “nurse degree.” What I want people to know is that in long term care you are managing people who were just admitted from the hospital and many times they are unstable and have to be sent back shortly after admission because the hospital discharged them too soon. Or that you are dealing with these patients and their families for months maybe years. There also isn’t a Doctor in the building so as the nurse we are assessing them, providing immediate interventions and providing care sometimes life changing until the ambulance arrives. I was once told during my nursing school acute care clinic rotation when one of the hospital nurses asked me where I worked as a LPN what I told her was “just a nursing home” and what said told me then completely changed my outlook on long term care. She said never say “just a nursing home” those patients are the hardest to take care of because they have so many co morbidities and you are trying to manage all of them without a doctor being present where as in a hospital we are mainly managing that one problem that brought them to us. So I guess I just wish people knew that we have to be just as knowledgeable and competent in long term care as the nurses in hospitals.

- SS September 22, 2015