LPN in corrections. I have been there for 28 years. Everyday medical staff put there selves outthere. They are surround by people that are deemed dangerous to society. They try us every chance they get. They put our knowledge to work. Alot of time we have to hold our tongues and our actions. Every once in a while we do have that one who really needs us who’s life is in our hands. That let’s us know and reminds us as to why we are here. We even deal with families to let them know how their loved one is doing. They are still someone’s brother sister mother father child husband wife. Yes they are here for a reason and so are we. I am glad that wife got so see and speak with her husband before he passed.. they caught her just as she was leaving the hospital before he had surgery..called her back..she was there with him when he took his last breath… I have tears just remembering this. THAT’S WHY I do corrections just that one person I actually make a difference for… just that one… Oh and I forgot to mention the training that I do on my own for the population I work with. I am the HiV program Coordinator. I work close with the contracted medical staff to insure that things get done and my inmates do what they need to do. Sometimes they don’t care, but we do. It’s not over just because you are here and have this dx. We educate, I fuss, I go and do sometimes when it’s someone else’s to do it I do it anyway. We do care does not make a difference if you are incarcerated. ..

- AT September 22, 2015