The public does not know that nurses hold college degrees. They do not realize how much actual education goes into becoming get an entry level nurse. They don’t understand that in some hospitals every minute of the shift is monitored, meaning that a nurse can never be in one place for more that a few minutes. They really don’t realize that satisfaction does not equal outcome. Example: had a STEMI in the ER, we rocked it. Got him to the Cath lab in 25 minutes, he went home without rehab two days later, high 5 total success. Until the wife wrote a letter to complain about how rushed they felt. Or the patient who has CAP and is treated with the gold standard of EBP and goes home cured and complains about pain control, not knowing that sedatives and pain killers will decrease her depth of breathing. A lot of issues just are that the public in general are treating us like servants and have become demanding and entitled. Angry about the day to day stuff in a hospital that they just don’t understand.

- MG September 22, 2015