I think it takes something like this to get the ball rolling. Nurses deserve to be recognized. Like firemen were during 911. We are never seen in action, or put into the media spotlight, because we are usually behind closed doors. And HIPPA makes it even more difficult to talk about our day on Facebook or anywhere else for that matter. I can’t even post, “bad day!! My patient coded and died.” For fear of being fired. I wish my friends and family could see what I do on a daily. There’s so many stigmas and misunderstandings about us. That we wear sexy dresses, and only dish out meds all day. And God forbid MEN become nurses! Lol. I had students in a middle school ask me once if men were allowed to be nurses. And my boyfriend, who is a nurse, has been teased for being a nurse, and not an MD because he is a “man.” Nursing is NOT for sissies and not for the faint of heart. It’s a hard job for tough ass people!!

- JP September 22, 2015