I would like the general public to know just how hard we have to study to even get through nursing school. I am on my senior year of my BSN and it has been blood, sweat and tears getting through this program! We have to know so much to be able to go on a floor and take care of people. The prerequisites alone take about 2 years. We have to be extremely intelligent, with endless stamina and able to handle anything. Is not just about giving shots and handing out pills. That’s what everyone thinks nurses actually do. I was at work yesterday, I work as nurse tech on a medsurg floor and we had patients who were fine one minute and then get so sick so quickly! We are talking intubated and having to be taken to ICU; but the swift action of a nurse save those lives. If nurses wouldn’t be able to recognize such cases, people would die. The doctors aren’t there, the nurses, respiratory therapists, nurse techs and everyone including the receptionist calling the RRT are there. The doctors come when stuff is happening. I admire what the nurses do. I want to be just as good, proficient and compassionate when I am able to practice.

- SI September 22, 2015