I’ve been a LPN for 15 years. I’ve done geriatric, mental health, family planning, and now dermatology. My office is primarily the medical side of derm, meaning we don’t do the fillers and injections. We deal with skin cancers and abnormal moles. I hate┬átelling a patient over the phone that they have a skin cancer when they call for results, but I have great satisfaction in knowing that I can tell them that we can take care of it. We do MOHS procedures that by the time they leave the office their skin cancers are gone. We do have our share of the dreaded melanoma, some we excise and some we have to send to a surgical oncologist. So yes, I’m a derm nurse, no I don’t have to do holidays, weekends, nights, or 12 hour shifts, but I take care of my patients all the same!

- MC September 22, 2015