FNP-BC here and what I want the general public to know if that all of us have had extensive training both in the class room and on the job to do what we do EVERY SINGLE DAY (nurses and beyond). I may not “be a doctor” but I can do many of the same things a doctor can do with my advanced degree. Such as: diagnose, prescribe, treat, and manage various Health issues. I learned much of what I do as a FNP not only in graduate school but also when I was staff nursing on med/surg and ICU over the past 8 years. Just like all of us nurses, I also don’t just push pills/medications to my patients. I use my nursing education and skills to treat the entire patient (mind,body,soul) with both traditional western and eastern medicine.  We are the heart, soul, and backbone of the healthcare system!

- AM September 22, 2015