1. As an pediatric ER Triage nurse…. Be happy when the I am not “rushing” your child straight back. It means through my years of training and experience I am saying your child will be ok. You don’t want to see me run. Me running with your child is a┬áVERY bad sign.

2. I have feelings, but my job requires that I suppress them to sometimes an unhealthy degree. I can not succumb to panic, fear, sadness, anger or disgust. I have literally walked out of a trauma room after putting a child in a body bag and been accosted by another parent because I am being to slow to discharge another child. I am not “ignoring” you, but I am only human.

3. I put my self in the line of every communicable disease every time I work. I don’t get the “luxury” of isolation at triage. I can’t wear a mask as I greet every pt. I have had to be treated for pertussis 6 times, meningitis twice in the past 12 months.

4. Yep it’s 4 am and you’ve been up since 6 this am and your still waiting to see the Dr. I feel your pain, believe me I’d rather be handing you discharge papers too. You have patience with me and I’ll have patience with you. I’ve got blankets and coffee

- CH September 22, 2015