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The Nurses Story by Carol Gino
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Do you still feel the passion to Help?

Can you still see the miracles? Or are you exhausted by Burnout?
Suffering Compassion Fatigue?

National Bestseller! This book is a moving and important affirmation of courage. Of the power of Love and of tragedy redeemed by compassion.

Here is a book that will shatter forever your casual assumptions about medicine, doctors, and especially about nurses.

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About the Author: Author Carol GinoCarol Gino is a registered nurse with a MA in Transpersonal Psychology whose twenty-year career has included experience in almost every area of health care, from critical care nursing to hospice to teaching.

The Nurse’s Story was her first book, and her articles have appeared in New York magazine, Nursing, American Journal of Nursing, and The Chicago Tribune. She has done several cross-country media tours advocating patient rights and to change the Image of Nursing.

Several book clubs chose the Nurse’s Story and it was published in 9 foreign countries.

Her other books are:

Nurse’s Story – New York Times bestseller

Rusty’s Story – New York Times bestseller

Then An Angel Came – Award Winner

There’s An Angel In My Computer – New

Carol Gino spent 20 years in relationship with Mario Puzo, author of “The Godfather”. After his death in 1999, she completed his manuscript of “The Family,” which was also a best seller.

Best Selling Book


“Carol Gino has written a wonderfully moving book. She tells The Nurse’s Story with just the right blend of emotion, compassion and wisdom.” Harold S Kushner, author of “When Bad Things Happen To Good People”

“A shattering, exhilarating book. A tribute to human dignity and courage.” Mario Puzo, author of The Godfather.

“Gritty and honest. It has a fierce compassion.” Martha Lear, author of Heart Sounds.

“Riveting, wrenching. Few nurse’s have experienced the range of cases this dedicate nurse describes: cancer, burn unit, emergency room, birth, brain damage…The writer is a vigorous, optimistic, caring woman. And she exudes frankness…” Los Angeles Times