Nurse’s under attack from extremely high stress and anxiety.

Over 40% of nurses are burnt out and dissatisfied in their careers…

  • Do you wish you had more time to help your patients?
  • Are all of the funding cuts getting you down?
  • Are you frustrated with the healthcare industry?
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In this Book  You Will Discover...

  • The stories and experiences that will help you prepare for and deal with the stressful, demanding and fulfilling journey as a nurse.
  • The weapons that you need to defend yourself in this tough industry


  • A new view that will shatter forever your casual assumptions about medicine, doctors, and especially about nurses.

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“A shattering, exhilarating book. A tribute to human dignity and courage.”

Mario Puzzo, Author of 'The Godfather'

“Carol Gino has written a wonderfully moving book. She tells The Nurse’s Story with just the right blend of emotion, compassion and wisdom.”

Harold S Kushner, Author of 'When Bad Things Happen To Good People'

“Gritty and honest. It has a fierce compassion.” 

Martha Lear, Author of 'Heart Sounds'

“Riveting, wrenching. Few nurse’s have experienced the range of cases this dedicate nurse describes: cancer, burn unit, emergency room, birth, brain damage…The writer is a vigorous, optimistic, caring woman. And she exudes frankness…”

Review by, 'Los Angeles Times'

“A touching work, highly recommended for nursing, medical, and health sciences libraries...”

Review by, 'Library Journal'

About the Author

Carol Gino is a registered nurse with a MA in Transpersonal Psychology whose twenty-year career has included experience in almost every area of health care, from critical care nursing to hospice to teaching.

The Nurse’s Story was her first book, and her articles have appeared in New York magazine, Nursing, American Journal of Nursing, and The Chicago Tribune. She has done several cross-country media tours advocating patient rights and to change the Image of Nursing.

Several book clubs chose the Nurse’s Story and it was published in 9 foreign countries.

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