The Hopeful Healer

Carol Gino

Carol Gino Is A Nurse
“…I STOOD IN THE DOORWAY of room 414, looking at my new patient, 85-year-old Mr. Herczeg. He was wrapped like a mummy in brown, solution-soaked dressings. More than anything, I wanted to go home…”

She Also Writes Books
“…It’s been many years since I first wrote The Nurse’s Story and in that time much has changed, in nursing, in the medical system and in my life. Still, as I read it over again from the perspective of time and experience, I see a love here that for me has never been matched. The nurse in this book is not only me, but when Teri Daley’s experiences were my own, and when her patients were mine, like Yves and Rachael and Robin and Steve… and of course, Melody, I found myself amazed at how much of each of them had stayed alive within me over all this time…”

She Has Many a Tale to Tell
“… I’ve asked the best nurses what they think about mercy killing. They say they could only do it for someone they loved…”

And Many Bridges to Build…
Theres an oil painting called Surgery that I’ve seen many times in books on Art and the History of Medicine but only once in a museum. It was bigger than life and looked old and cracked…