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Nurses Who Care

The Hopeful Healer

With uncompromising honesty, Carol Gino strips the TV image to reveal the gritty truths of a nurse’s life, from it’s early, optimistic beginnings to the harsh realities – and incalculable rewards – that sustain her even in the face of a nurse’s greatest professional hazard: burnout.
The Hopeful Healer
The Hopeful Healer1 day ago
Never forget the art in healing! The business requires us to chart, but we can still honor why we became nurses to begin with.

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The Hopeful Healer
The Hopeful Healer5 days ago
Why is it that when you look up news in the nursing world only the negative stories show? Does this make anyone else frustrated? Carol created The Nurse's Story to share the whole truth about nursing.
The Hopeful Healer
The Hopeful Healer1 month ago
May your Sunday bring you healing and the courage to find it.
The Hopeful Healer
The Hopeful Healer2 months ago
Happy 4th of July!